Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Lux Limon Jewelry 60-Day Service Warranty - Terms & Conditions

On any purchases with an invoice date of 04/14/2024 and on, Lux Limon J&W will be providing warranties on all watches for 60 full days unless otherwise indicated in the listing or invoice. Any issues that have occurred with the piece(s) post-sale that do not have a direct correlation with misuse will be assessed, repaired, and covered by the warranty.

What is not covered under the Service Warranty?

Pocket watches, quartz movement watches, straps, jewelry and accessories are not covered by this warranty. Also, because most mechanical ( and Quartz ) watches do not keep perfect, accurate time, the warranty does not cover watches that run slow or fast, nor does it cover damage caused by wearer abuse or misuse, such as (but not limited to) knocks, dents, crushing, and scratching. The warranty does not include a re-pin or cost of a re-pin on a band. The warranty does not cover cracked, scratched or broken crystals, or water damage. Alterations and/or repairs, or custom work done without the prior written consent from Lux Limon J&W will render this warranty null and void. Additionally, any attempted repair, modification, or general tampering of the watch by technicians unauthorized by the Company ( in writing ) will render this warranty null and void. The warranty also does not cover wholesale/dealer orders.

This warranty is limited to U.S. based customers only. It does not apply to international transactions. All international sales are final.

The warranty is also non-transferable and is only valid for the original buyer.


How do I get my watch repaired under Lux Limon J&W Service Warranty?

All warranty repairs must be performed by Lux Limon J&W in Nashville, Tennessee by our authorized technicians. Please contact us at 248-667-2924 or 313-652-6001 to obtain written authorization and instructions before sending in your watch for warranty repair. The party who is submitting a claim for the warranty must cover the cost of shipping to and from Lux Limon. 

We will not be responsible for any watches that are sent in to us for repair without prior notice. Lux Limon is not responsible for any watches lost in transit for warranty repair.

Lux Limon is not an authorized retailer for any of the brands that we carry, including the Rolex Watch Company or its subsidiary, Rolex USA. Lux Limon is an independent watch dealer and is not sponsored by, associated with, or affiliated with Rolex, S.A or any of its subsidiaries. Lux Limon only sells pre-owned Rolex watches and provides its own warranties on the watches it sells. The Rolex Watch Company (www.rolex.com) or any of its subsidiaries are under no obligation to warranty-service watches sold by Lux Limon.